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What is the process involved in a Second Opinion?

Schedule and Pay for Appointment

All major credit cards are accepted.

Note that the appointments are on Hawaiian time, not because I am in Hawaii, but mainly as a point of reference.

There is a no-refund policy for cancellations but re-scheduling is permitted if more than 24 hours.

Receive an e-mail questionnaire to prepare before the appointment

Typical questions will include:




Medicines taking

Medicines tried


Ability to exercise

Other medical problems

Family history

Alcohol and cigarette use

Specific questions, such as, if you have diabetes, how was it diagnosed and how long ago?

Anything else required to render a personalized second opinion

After the appointment, receive an email summarizing the appointment and with suggestions for your healthcare provider

All recommendations are age and disability/ability adjusted

Typical  recommendations might include but are not restricted to

Changing medicines from old to new diabetes medicines

Specific diet and exercise recommendations

Weight loss target with time frame

Likelihood of medication reduction

Submit the suggestions to your healthcare provider

He or she is free to adopt or reject the recommendations.

You are free to change healthcare provider. if they summarily reject the recommendations.

Most likely, they will adopt some or all the recommendations because everything recommended will have a basis in science.

There might be push-back from your insurance company, but hopefully your healthcare provider will go the extra mile to try to get you the new diabetes medications.

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